Well, since you've gotten this far, I guess it's a safe bet you want to know a little more about me. Of course by now you probably realize that I'm a professional illustrator working primarily in the fields of comics and Fantasy/Science Fiction/Horror illustration. I've been doing this full time since mid-2005, and before that I was an Art Director, game designer and computer animator for about 10 years. On this site you'll find a lot of the illustrations I've done over the last several years. Some are new and shiny, some are old favorites, but all the pieces here whether new or old, say something about my progression as an artist.

Since I started working professionally, I have worked on many different types and styles of projects, from illustration to comic books to game design to concept art. I've always enjoyed being able to take my basic style and fit it into whatever was needed for a particular job, working with such diverse clients as Marvel, Wizards of the Coast, Sony Online, Upper Deck, American Greetings, Mattel, Hasbro and many others doing games, cards, cover art, multimedia, advertising, Packaging - you name it. And through it all, I've been successful at getting the client what they need, on time.